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My name is Ambra, I love flowers and their perfumes, the long walks in the woods in the company of my dogs, I love nature and all the wonders that we reserve. From this deep love for nature my choice to give life to “Le Muse Bio” has been achieved.

“Le Muse Bio” was born, in fact, from the desire to reconcile beauty, wellbeing and nature. In first person, I learned that taking care of your body, with healthy and organic cosmetics, means choosing, consciously, what is necessary and positive for our epidermis.

Our skin thus will not absorb more chemical active ingredients, but only and exclusively natural substances and in harmony with our body; This is because Mother Nature already offers us an endless range of primary elements from which we can reap the best benefits for our body.

The bio Muse wants to be a harmonious place and a source of inspiration in which you can choose your biological cosmetics, the most of which certified and still others that, although not yet have a formal certification, as produced by small companies However, they guarantee the use of natural raw materials and an activity carried out solely on the basis of these values. Le Muse Bio puts at your disposal not only the selection and the supply of high quality products, but it can become for you also a source of valuable information for your well-being, helping you with advice and suggestions aimed at the most opportune choice of Product for you more appropriate. I would also like to point out that the marks we select do not carry out animal tests.

Let’s not forget that the daily use of organic cosmetics is good not only to ourselves, but also to the whole environment in which we live. Thank you for your choice and for sharing our idea based on beauty, wellbeing and nature!

A warm welcome in “Le Muse Bio”… and now, let yourself be inspired!


  • Via Pietro Nenni, 8 - Malnate (VA)
  • E-mail: info@lemusebio.it

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